Scarlett Johansson is my inspiration.

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"I am very independent. I can look after myself but I still need a lot of love and care."


Damon & Elena + Disney parallels :

The Little Mermaid : “You look wonderful”


im pretty sure bromance is the perfect example of how embarrassingly fragile masculinity is. you know what a female bromance is called? a friendship 


Wanna see her succeed right along with me 👯💪

Then I realize what it is. It’s him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.

Dear people who question why girls go to the bathroom together





Hermione went alone and got attacked by a troll

Moaning Myrtle went alone too and was killed by a giant snake.

Katie Bell also went alone and was cursed by an opal necklace.

Taylor Swift went alone and Ellen Degeneres made her fall to the ground with fear.